Why Methylfolate?

You spoke and we listened! We are making the change to Methylfolate.

At The Veggie Doctor™ we pride ourselves at listening to our customers and we are making the change to Methlyfolate in place of Folic Acid (synthetic B9). We are happy to say that moving forward any of our products containing Folic Acid will be replaced with Methylfolate starting with Luxor™ Vegan Collagen.

Why is Folic Acid in most multivitamins?  

In one word: COST! Unfortunately, many supplement companies make their products with the least expensive forms of vitamins in mind. Folic Acid is much cheaper that the active form Methylfolate. Methylfolate will now be used in our products at no extra cost to you.

What is Methylfolate?

Folate or Folic Acid is Vitamin B9. Folic Acid is the synthetic form of Folate. The body does not produce Folate, so Folic Acid is used to fortify foods or taken through our supplements, but it has been found that certain genetic mutations cannot convert Folic Acid to Folate.   Methylfolate is the more natural and active form of Folate that can be more easily synthesized.  

Why did we make the change to Methylfolate?

The MTHFR enzyme is found throughout the body and it converts folic acid or folate in its active form L-methylfolate. Methylfolate plays an active role in producing red blood cells, DNA biosynthesis, maintaining DNA, supporting immune function and energy production. It also aids in the production of neurotransmitters in your brain, such as serotonin, dopamine and epinephrine. Because of this, Methylfolate is best for people with MTHFR mutation. 

The MTHFR mutation is very common and up to 60 percent of people may have at least one genetic mutation in their MTHFR gene. This gene provides instructions to your body to make an enzyme that converts folic acid into the active form L-methylfolate. If you have two genetic mutations in your MTHFR gene, your ability to convert Folic Acid into the active form is reduced by an estimated 70 percent. Women with this genetic mutation may have an increased risk of migraines. Infertility and neural tube defects during pregnancy.

Methylfolate requires less conversions and can start working right away. Methylfolate is already in its’ active form and does not need the MTHFR enzyme and can start working right away. Folic Acid requires four conversions and is highly dependent on individual genetics and other nutrients for an effective conversion.