Vegan Supplements Subscription

Save with a Subscription.

The Veggie Doctor™ offers a convenient and affordable vegan supplement subscription that takes the hassle out of ensuring you get all the nutrients your body needs. With a variety of high-quality vegan supplements to choose from, you can customize your subscription to fit your individual needs.

One of the best things about The Veggie Doctor™'s subscription service is that you'll save 20% on every order, forever. Plus, shipping is always free, so you never have to worry about hidden fees or extra costs.

Another great feature of the subscription service is that you can choose your delivery frequency. Whether you want your supplements delivered every month, every other month, or every three months, The Veggie Doctor™ has you covered. This flexibility means you can easily adjust your subscription to fit your schedule and budget.

All of The Veggie Doctor™'s supplements are vegan, non-GMO, and made with the highest quality ingredients. Take a look at our vegan supplement collection – we are sure there is something that perfectly meets your needs and can help you feel your best.

Signing up for The Veggie Doctor™'s vegan supplement subscription is easy. Simply choose your supplements, select your delivery frequency, and enjoy 20% off every order, forever. With free shipping and the convenience of customizable delivery, it's never been easier to prioritize your health and wellness with vegan supplements.

*Subscribe to save 20% on every order and free shipping on all order of $30 or more!

The Perks of Subscribing

20% Off (For Life!)
Lock in 20% off — no matter what!
FREE Shipping*
Free shipping on every order of $30 or more.
Choose Your Delivery Frequency
Edit as needed per product, or cancel anytime

Why You Need...QWELL™

QWELL’s, all natural, organic ingredients have NO added fillers, preservatives or artificial ingredients. QWELL is rich not only in DHA & EPA but also ALA & DPA. With 2 capsules per serving, QWELL delivers 550mg of concentrated omega-3s per serving, that’s 46% more than Amala Vegan.


Give your Immune System the Boost it needs.*Now you can, easily, with The Veggie Doctor's IMMUNOBOOST vegan tablets as a trusted dietary supplement and part of your health regimen.

Why You Need...LUXOR™

Our specially formulated supplement contains a unique blend of powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to provide you with a complete hair, nail, skin, joint, and heart health multivitamin. The collagen protects your hair from free radicals which can be damaging to the growth of your hair.