The Veggie Doctor Story

In 2014 after 2 decades as a practicing physical therapist, I could clearly see the benefits of proper nutrition and omega 3 supplementation in my patients... but ONE thing was missing...

Despite scouring the internet, visiting dozens of local stores and sifting through hundreds of brands, I could not find a high quality vegan source of Omega 3s. I tried every single I could get my hands on, but to my dismay they all seemed to be lacking in one way or another.

I found that most supplements were not plant-based, did not contain nearly enough Omega 3s, or they were made with artifical colors, sweeteners and harmful ingredients like carrageenan... none were the optimal source of vegan Omega 3s that I desired.

Frustrated by my futile search, and motivated by the knowledge that good nutrition and clean Omega 3 supplementation were the ticket to a healthier life, I decided to set out out on the road to making my own... and that's how The Veggie Doctor™ and Qwell Vegan Omega 3™ Supplements were born!

Our Mission

We are a family owned business dedicated to a mission of delivering clean, well-balanced plant-based supplements to the world. We strive to make safe & highly effective products backed by the very best in customer service. From our family to yours, the Veggie Way is the best way!


Vegans and Vegetarians care about their health.They are conscious of the types of foods they eat and experience amazing results. They are well educated on nutrition and what is lacking in the vegan diet that they should supplement. A vegan/vegetarian diet with proper supplementation can lead to benefits like vibrant skin, fewer digestive problems, reduced stress, increased energy and improved mental clarity.

Vegans and Vegetarians also have concerns about animal warfare, want to protect the climate and conserve Earth's resources. They believe creatures should be free and deplore nefarious practices like factory farming. They also love the environment. They realize that factory farming is one of the largest sources of greenhouse emissions and animal agriculture is the main cause of deforestation, which promotes extinction of other species living in nature. The harm that ocean famring salmon and other fish has been widely documented, such as spreading parasites, pesticide pollution and escaped fish infecting the wild salmon gene pool. Vegans and Vegetarians also feel a social responsibility and often have a greater good in mind. They want to preserve resources to feed people who desperately need nourishment.

Vegan and Vgetarians are unsung heroes.They don’t wear a badge, but are proud to know that they are helping their environment and their fellow human race when they choose to eat plant-based. Vegans and vegetarians are viewed as hippies or as physically weak, but nothing could be further from the truth. Doctors, lawyers, celebrities, cooks, bodybuilders, athletes, parents and kids represent different communities that have chosen to go vegan and vegetarian. They are busy individuals that often don’t have time to get the proper nutrition without proper supplementation. This is where The Veggie Doctor supplements fill the void.

Veganism or Vegetarianism covers a large spectrum of people, but most are nutrition conscious and realize that they need to supplement their diet with the right nutrients that a vegan and vegetarian diet might lack.For example, omega-3‘s are essential in optimizing long-term health, but a rich source of omega-3‘s are fish, which is not part of the diet for vegans and some vegetarians. Omega-3‘s are also present in plant based foods in the form of ALA, which must be converted into DHA and EPA. The body is not very efficient at making this conversion and you could spend all day eating ALA rich foods and still not get enough DHA or EPA. This is where a vegan supplement, like an algae omega found in our flagship product Qwell™ Could fill this void. Fish get there Omega’s from Aldie, so why shouldn’t we?

To Your Health!

Al Flores, PT
Founder and Creator